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You want to get in touch with archaeologists from around the world on Mastodon? This page lists accounts from archaeologists and archaeological institutions and offers an easy method to follow multiple accounts at once. Just decide if you want to follow all or only some of the accounts listed below. You are provided with a .csv-file which you can upload into Mastodon in order to follow all accounts included. Here you can find an short instruction, on how to do this.

To add yourself to the list, access more resources and find more information, please see below.

This list is also available for browsing via: Find Sciences.Social. Visit academics-on-mastodon for additional academic related Fediverse resources.

Accounts by handle, name, and profile link (most recent first)

Add your name to the list:

Full names are only included if they are shown in the profile or on explicit demand. You want to get on the list? Is not added within 24 hours? Or you don’t want to be on it anymore? Sign up via Google Form (preferred) or DM @NikaShilobod@fediscience.org @andreatitolo@archaeo.social or @RonaldVisser@akademienl.social.


You are interested in Archaeology content on Mastodon, but you don’t want to be added/follow everyone on the list? Then you could consider follwing these groups:

- @ancientneareast@a.gup.pe
- @anthropology@a.gup.pe
- @antiquidons@a.gup.pe
- @archaeodons@a.gup.pe
- @artcrime@a.gup.pe
- @geodons@a.gup.pe
- @histodons@a.gup.pe
- @museum@a.gup.pe
- @paleodons@a.gup.pe
- @paleofire@a.gup.pe

Visit fedi.tips for a comprehensive beginners guide to Mastodon and the Fediverse.

If you are looking for a Mastodon instance for archaeologists, historians and lovers of all things ancient, visit: archaeo.social

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Archaeo.social has a webring, which can be found here.

In the spirit of FOSS, make sure to check out Open Archaeo for a list of open source Archaeological tools and software.

List Information

If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of this list, please direct message @NikaShilobod@fediscience.org.

The owner of this repository is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information under their remit that is effective, fit for purpose and demonstrates an understanding of, and appreciation for GDPR regulation. Users can change and remove themselves at any time either by pull request or via the form provided. This list is not to be reused without the creator's explicit permission and it is for personal use only. The repository for this GitHub page is hosted here.